Saturday, February 06, 2010


Mothering Sunshine and company is suffering from cabin fever and asking for Boredom Busters. To help her out click here and leave a comment with your favorites things to do on a rainy day when you are 18 months old and tired of all your toys and even mummy is getting a bit... umm stir crazy with cabin fever!


mum2twelve said...

Now THIS is just too cool Diane submitted this idea to Mothering Sunshine

EDIBLE PLAYDOUGH Where were you 25 years ago when I needed to make playdough...(don't answer you'll make feel ancient by telling me you were eating the play dough YOUR mum had made for you!)

The good news is I can still use this great idea. Holly - want to come eat play dough with Cecilia...

Diane said...

Your too sweet !!!!! I only wish I were that young !

I got this recipe from the occupational therapist that worked with my thirteen year old when he was about a year or two old. It was perfect because most children that age put everything in their mouths so I was reluctant to use traditional play dough( or occupational putty). We did have a ton of fun with this as the older ones would join in and make all kinds of fun things. This one can also be made tougher ( to strengthen hand and finger muscles by working it) by simply adding more powdered milk or corn starch. When this son went to (special needs) preschool at three, I used to make a couple batches of this every week for the teachers to put in individual bags for play dough time.
I do remember one Mom rushing into the preschool because her son told her that play dough was delicious. What memories !