Thursday, January 28, 2010


Our newest craze and night time entertainment is Survivorman. Watch this youtube clip below for a taste of what we have been enjoying these evenings. We watch it on Netflix because we do not have cable or even an antenna to watch tv through. This is by preference as in this way the children (and Hugo and I for that matter) are not exposed to the often xrated commercials.

So while we are (hopefully) enjoying Kentucky and the wonders it has to offer - Check out Survivorman. And if you don't have Netflix instant watch - there is always youtube!

See you soon when we get back to NC.


Bekah said...

We watch the majority of our entertainment over Netflix via the Xbox 360 and Hulu via the laptop connected to TV (but even Hulu commercials can be terrible). We do have an antenna hookup, but the only thing we really watch live is football or PBS. I agree, commercials are just so far beyond appropriate that we end up repeatedly telling the kids to cover their eyes. Maybe we should just train them to close their eyes as soon as the commercials start.

Our most recently enjoyed series on Netflix was Man vs. Food. Be forewarned as he does make the occasional distasteful comments. We have found it to be a great motivator for kids to finish items on their plate that they don't like. Just start chanting Man vs. Food and watch them struggle to "win". LOL

Anonymous said...

is this guy an American version of Bear Grylls?

mum2twelve said...

Nope a Canadian version. And this guy is one tough cookie - like all us Cannucks! :-) He REALLY goes alone for 7 days so when we see a long shot.. he has set the camera up walked away... walked pack and moved the camera. Often without haven eaten for days! It amazing to watch!