Monday, January 25, 2010

Prayers for Perseverance and Safety

Praying for perseverance as we begin our preparations for our trip to Kentucky for Miguel's graduation and safety for our drive there and back. We are trying to be as economical as possible for this trip as the budget is very tight this month - thanks to a very large heating bill. (It was almost equivalent to our rent!) I have a little money saved but am hoping we won't need to break into that account!

Baking List:

Mrs Ryan's pumpkin Loaf (thinking of baking this as muffins)
Pineapple Bread (again - planning to make them as muffins)
Biscuits (possibly bacon biscuits)
Cookies - molasses and/or peanut butter ones.

Current plan is to drive through the night (please pray for Cecilia who is teething and really NOT coping well with it) Tuesday night and arrive Wednesday morning in time for the family activities that culminates with a large dinner on base. Graduation is Thursday morning and we plan on driving home through the day as Hugo needs to be back to work on Friday. (Again - may I request for prayers for Cecilia - did I mention she is teething and Is. Not. Dealing. Well. With. It! This could be a recipe for the longest, most tortuous road trip we have ever made. Did I mention that Cecilia does not like her car seat... Could I ask you all for prayers yet again!

Now I am off to rest my back before starting our baking marathon...


Bekah said...

We do our long trip driving at night with our brood of six, as well. Fewer potty trips, quiet sleeping kids. We enjoy a borrowed book on disc or two from the library to keep our minds active. A possible aid for Cecilia's car seat problem is to pad it slightly with a folded fleece blanket under the car seat cover. A single layer crib size folded in quarters fits fairly well. Those hard plastic things must be hard to sit in for long periods of time. Enjoy Kentucky. Our last car trip, from Wis to VA took us through Kentucky. Beautiful country. My prayers go with you.

mum2twelve said...

Thank you Bekah I will try both of those ideas. I will pad the car seat when we bring it in to clean out today and I will send the kids to the library to pick out some books on CD to listen to. Was hoping to gather our DVD player together but if we are missing even one cable - its not going to work. Another pay period and I could just buy any missing cables but this is going to have to e a very low budget trip! Books on CD EXCELLENT idea!!!! THANK YOU! We used to have satellite radio (XM) and listened to old time radio shows on our long trips...

Bekah said...

Glad my suggestions are helpful! I hope you enjoy your selection of books and a fun trip is had by all.