Tuesday, January 26, 2010

posting from the road.

Havingsome some trouble with it so please forgive an y errors in this post. We left just a tad after 9 and prayed Cecilia asleep with a decade of the Rosary. Kids have all munched down the first of many snacks and the littlest are now all asleep so the oldest children are listening to Dracula.

Will try posting again in the am when we are closer to or actually in Kentucky as I'm afraid the story is distracting me. See you in the morning.

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Diane said...

Praying for a wonderful trip !

Glad to hear that all is going well. We used to do night time driving for all of our trips when the kids were littlier and would sleep. Now I would have to sleep while they drove :-(

Hoping you plan to take and post some pictures. I love seeing your families adventures.

mum2twelve said...

Totally planning on posting some pictures. Had tried to post a few more times from the road but that stupid HTML I added a few years ago for the "read more" link that I have not been able to completely eradicate (only enough so that the link won't actually work... but not enough to rid me of it) was keeping me from being able to place the cursor where I needed it to post. Some how managed to do it the one time for this post.
Hopefully one day I will have the time and knowledge to find the dang code. Either that or just start a whole new blog!