Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Abortion and the pill...

Are they connected to breast cancer? Is the National Cancer Institute (NCI) doing a disservice to women and their families by not making the results of this study more known? I learned about this study here. Why are articles like this one not being shouted from the roof tops? (That's a rhetorical question.)


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Casey said...

I wonder if they have done a similar study with the internal contraceptives as well. The NuvaRing one and the newer Merena IUD they kept pushing on me after I had Allyson? It would be interesting to see if those also increased the risk as well since the hormones are absorbed differently. I know the IUD is an abortofacient (sp). It would allow conception to occur but because of how it's implanted a fertilized egg/embryo/fetus wouldn't be able to implant properly and would either abort itself or become lodged in the tubes and she'd have a tubal pregnancy which could be life threatening. There is also a pretty significant risk of the IUD itself perforating the uterus and causing great damage not to mention just having a foreign body inside your body bouncing around like that is bound to be a danger and an ideal place for infections to take root. I haven't heard much about the NuvaRing though and have a few friends who use that with no (that they've noticed) side effects. I don't know exactly the difference in that and an oral contraceptive other than how the hormones are absorbed though.