Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Confession 101

Psssst - what to hear something terrible?! I have a confession to make. I hope you are all sitting down. I am feeling so miserable (thats my line and I'm sticking with it!) that to seek a little comfort I am .... listening to Christmas Music! I know, I know - it's not even Advent, heck we don't even have the Thanksgiving shopping out of the way yet.

But there is something so comforting in the joy of Christmas music. Besides I have made one concession, I am only listening to Josh Groban and John Michale Talbot. And as Elsa put it so aptly several times since getting sick:

"Oh Mummy... I am SO tired of being like this!"

Me too, sweetheart, me too!



Anonymous said...

Did you get the flu vaccines? If not do you wish you had?

mum2twelve said...

No to both questions! We have had the flu twice in over 13 years... so with odds like that, why take the risk of adding more thermisol to our bodies when in fact getting the flu shot only lessens your odds and does not mean you will absolutely not get the flu. The health department studies the pattern of flu developing in the East and then calculates the odds as to which strain of the flu is most likely to be the most prevalent and develops the vaccine accordingly.
So no - even though we are going through a really rough patch - I do not regret the decision not to vaccinate. I might have gone through the trouble and expense and still be hacking, coughing and sneezing my head off :)

Smiley said...

I got the flu this year, I got over it by drinking a lot of juices, water hot green tea. no medication at all. to control the feaver i wiped my forehead wehn i was feverish with tepid water and eau di colonge. im over it now.
And i listen to churstmas music from before haloween. it helps me cope with the colder days and dark skies. im not from canada originally and find it hard to manage the cold dark days.

dorry said...

I LOVE Christmas Music !!
Very comforting and relaxing so I must say... that I can't blame you one bit!
Our season for Christmas seems short anyway...must be me getting older or something...
I do hope you are ALL getting a bit over this cold/flu stuff about in the house.