Sunday, July 19, 2009

what is our newest addition doing these days

  • pointing at everything with her index finger, carefully checking it out before then grasping the object and stuffing it in her mouth.

  • staring intently at any and all food as it leaves our plates and enters our mouths, often grabbing at the food.

  • practicing with the intensity of a soldier under heavy fire - the combat crawl. Occasionally her bottom wags up in the air and she steadies herself for one or two 'steps' forward on her knees and hands and then her bottom wiggles wildly and she topples over and continues to 'soldier' on to her goal.

  • grabbing 9 year old Nataniel red hair and pulingl it with all her might, as often as she can. She seems to love Elsa's red locks with the same intensity. Both deserves medals for their patience with her for this 'lovin' she heaps on them whenever they are in grabbing distance.

  • has one little tooth peeking out of her tiny pink gums on the bottom.

  • when not chewing on her toes, she is chewing on her fingers and sometimes concentrating on her thumb - naughty girl!

  • is the object of the intense love of all her siblings, especially those at home who are enjoying her goofy grins, shining blue eyes that follow you with love and the energy that radiates from her as she concentrates on picking something up and then gumming it to death.
We are all so grateful for this lovely little addition to our family who is just a little over six months old. Thank you Jesus for our little darling baby and all of my other twelve blessings!


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Beth said...

What a sweet girl! I'm TRYING to get John Paul to find his thumb - he is close :)