Monday, June 22, 2009

promised photos

My talented friend, Peg, printed these out and she and her 11 yr old daughter cut them in preparation for the afternoons assembly line that was to take place at our house that afternoon.

The take out platters assembled by a variety of ages from 8 up 18 yrs of age. This is a project that can accommodate a range of ages.

French Fry holder

Nathaniel 8 yrs old helped tape a number of these closed after I folded them for him. The whole process of assembling FIFTEEN happy meals took less than 30 minutes. I don't think McDonalds has a thing on us - try ordering 15 happy meals to go and see how long it takes them to fill the order!

A close up of the finished product. The burgers are brownies cut out with circular shaped cookie cutters. And the buns are white cupcakes. The deliciously salted fries are sugar cookies that were baked and sliced and 'salted' with regular sugar earlier that morning by Peg. Did I mention she is talented. My daughter Anna (we both have daughters by that name) baked the brownies following a teasing debate as to whether brownies should be made with cocoa powder or squares... Squares won out since (my) Anna was baking them and would have to clean up the mess anyway.

fifteen happy meals to go

Drooling over Smiling in anticipation of a happy meal!

If you have not yet seen Peg's post at Good Remedy hop on over and enjoy some pics of the kids devouring these delicious meals. A few kids were obviously filling more than the checkered trays and fry holders as some were just too full to be able to eat their whole meal. They were chastised that if they did not finish their "meals" there would be no dessert.

To view the original post about these fun meals travel on over to Bakerella's site. This is an awesome site to spend time. However, beware if you are feeling in need of a chocolate or sweet fix - this is a hazardous site to visit. If you go anyway - don't say I didn't warn you!


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AMAZING! I am so incredibly impressed.