Saturday, June 13, 2009

heard from the back of the van

As we were driving around looking at possible rentals, scribbling numbers down, quipping about small houses and fitting our crew into them I heard a tiny voice from the back call out to her father:

"Daddy, how will we fit everything into our van when we move?"

I love the four year old mind as it struggles to understand the world around it.


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Casey said...

We've had some nasty storms move through the last few nights, right at or after bedtime for the littles. On Thursday it was right after bedtime when the worst of it hit and after making sure anything that could blow off the porch had been secured I went to make sure the kids hadn't been awoken by the thunder. On my way to the little's room I hear hysterical laughter in the form of Jacob. He is beside himself and when I asked him what in the world was so funny he said "God" and I asked why God was so funny at this hour especially and he said "because Mama I can hear God bowling and he's gettin lotsa gudder balls" this is what he thought of the thunder. Then Ally opened one little angelic eye and said "Mommy" in a teeny tiny not quite awake voice and I said "yes Ally" she said "Mommy, is it raining?" I said "it sure is, try to go back to sleep you're safe inside" and she said "I know, Mommy, tell Jacob to not laugh more" LOL