Saturday, May 02, 2009

Nap Time

Where else would one want to nap on a hot summer day but in a light airy hammock?

Okay, so it's May and therfore technically spring, but the temps here are in the 80's
(or 27 - 31 c) which in my mind - equals SUMMER!


antonia said...

woo! That's pretty hot! We've got a lovely sunny day here too!

She looks so snug & comfy!! hehe!


dorry said...

Look at that nice chunky "editable" thigh!!
How sweet life is when you have no care in the world!

Interesting hammock for baby.

mum2twelve said...

Yes - they are deliciously edible legs she has, eh? Just delightful to see! We call our babies like that Chunks! We've had a few string beans but not too many. Most of them were chucks that eventually become string beans :-)