Friday, May 29, 2009

Drum Roll please

Okay, I cheated got smart and decided on a large cake instead of fifty individually decorated cup cakes for the piano recital. I have to thank Gabriela for the design that I recreated on the fondant and I have to thank her and Benjamin for their patient coaching of how to draw a music note correctly. You know those pesky things are not as easy as they look! I am fairly pleased how it turned out and need to thank those who prayed for me as I wrestled with a 4 yr old, 6 yr old and an 8 yr old who all wanted to help direct the decorating and test taste everything in sight. Cake's ready... but I am not. Two kids in the bath as I type, some clothes are washing - yes for tonight and dinner is simple - tuna sandwiches! Baby needs to nurse and nap and somewhere in there I need to shower... so don't hesitate to throw a Hail Mary or two my way if you feel like it.

So do I owe everyone a BIG thank you or what?

(There is one glaring error that only a music student would notice, and Benjamin tried to tell me... but I told him to be quiet - 'I was concentrating....')



dorry said...

What a lovely cake!!
Christopher knew the "mistake" LOL
After I asked him is something wrong with this? Looks perfect to me.

You did a wonderful job as usual Christi!

Hope it goes well.

SQUELLY said...

I wish I could bake! This looks amazing! (and you will be glad to know I not a music student :-)

Good Remedy said...

Genius! Sheer Genius!


Kate said...

It's gorgeous! And although something was niggling the back of my mind about it, I didn't actually consciously realize the mistake until after you mentioned that there was one.

Gae said...

That looks really Great.
Well done.
I bet it tastes good too.