Saturday, May 16, 2009

Difficult Road Ahead

I will continue with updates on Michael as we learn then as well as any news or prayer requests we might have for CP's 4 yr old son. Other wise I will not be around much. Hugo and I are facing some huge hurdles and difficult times ahead of us the coming weeks and possibly months. I am too overwhelmed & discouraged to write right now. Please pray for us as we grapple with these challenges and difficulties. Pray for courage, strength and wisdom from the Holy Spirit to guide us as we really feel quite lost at the moment.

I did laugh at myself this morning as I wondered what it would be like if at any point in one's life you could go back to the beginning and redo things, make different decisions based on the knowledge you had gained from the first time around. Then it struck me that someone has already named that concept. Reincarnation. Ha! Except I'm not hoping to turn into a gazelle, just want to maybe make smarter choices, be better person, a better mum. better wife, better daughter & grand daughter, better child of God.

I can still work on improving in all of those areas, but right now I am feeling a bit flattened by life. Kinda like I have run the marathon - the end is in sight but I spent my energy too quickly and now I don't have enough left to finish the race. Anyone know what I mean?

If I start to feel better and have energy to spare I'll post something. Until then God Bless and please pray for us.



Elizabeth Foss said...

Praying for you and yours--and empathizing with the "flattened by life" feeling:-)

M. Alexander said...

Hang in there. It's tough this thing called life and we are all limping along from what I can see.

Blog about it and you'll feel better- I promise ;).

Amanda said...

Hi Mummy.

Thinking of you and loving you from way over here. I am having a very "flattened" week too, though it's nothing like what you guys face on a daily basis. Sometimes in those kinds of times I can barely check my email, so I am always amazed at your commitment to the blog. I know it means a lot to a lot of people, and I know that even if I can't face the phone I can always come here and get a snapshot of what I'm missing at home.

I'll be praying for you at work today.