Thursday, May 14, 2009

Christopher West's Clarifying Statement

Did anybody see the ABC Nightline on May 7th? Well - I didn't, though I thought I really wanted to but I had to wait until it was available online.

I looked up ABC nightline and my enthusiasm for the future online segment waned a little - the reference to Christopher as a sex therapist had me worried as to what the segment was going to be like. My worries were justified.

And apparently the Catholic blog world has, in Jimmy Akin's words, been in a bit of a dust up over this. And if you would like read his post you can click here. And if you do - you might notice a similarity to the couple who are featured, as a kind of album cover, on the front of a video clip. They are none other than my daughter and son in law. Yup, the very same young lady you see at the top of my blog dancing with her youngest brother on the occasion of her wedding.

Jenny was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet Christopher West and introduce him at one of the conferences featured in Nightline's segment. But she was not so thrilled with the twisted explanation they gave of Christopher West or Theology of the Body. To read Christopher West's clarification on his web site click here.

And if you have not heard the REAL story on Theology of the Body, click here - where you find the truth as opposed up to the slick & titilating version ABC spun.


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