Sunday, April 19, 2009

Taking bets...

...on Cecilia's hair colour. Call your favourite bookie to place your bet.
Or leave a guess in the comments.

Now going by this photo and the almost non-existent eyebrows I would place a bet on blond.

But if I were to go by this photo taken the same day as the one above - I would bet she is a red head. However, when not in direct sunlight she looks more brunet than red... So whats your guess?



Diane said...

I say Red. MY Grandfather and one cousin were both born with what looked like dark hair but as the years passed, they both turned real red !Of course there is also auburn, which my aunt and I both had before the gray set in.

Casey said...

My daughter's hair was the same, in the sun she looked like it was just flaming red but it's really brunette with a lot of red in it. I'm going to bet her hair turns out similar, brunette with a lot of red highlights.