Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Over the moon...

...crazy happy because my PENATEN diaper cream finally arrived! I have tried everything to get rid of this nasty diaper rash that Cecilia had developed over a month ago. Nothing was doing it. I switched diaper brands, changed wipes, wished I had clothe diapers on hand, or some Penaten.

I used to be able to buy Penaten in Canada but have not been able to find it here and a friend from Germany, where Penaten originates from, is not planning a trip there any time soon - so ...I went online, googled it and voila! Found several online sites where I could order it.

Three applications and the rash is almost gone. I knew it would be! Penaten was always my stand by for stubborn rashes. The only downside is that if it should get left in the reach of little ones who might decide to paint your walls, rug and bed - it stains. Not that that is something I know from personal experience. Ahem! I am too organized for that to ever happen.

I love my Penaten!


Anonymous said...

A very similar product that I loved when my girls were little is called Flander's Buttocks Ointment. No one carries it, but it is made in Charleson, SC and can be ordered from any pharmacy here locally. I swore by it as my daughters all have sensitive behinds! It too will stain, though.
Kelly from church ;)

Casey said...

To Anonymous above, I live 2 miles from Charleston SC and I can attest to the fact that it's some great stuff.

When my eldest was 2 weeks old he was admitted to the hospital with severe pneumonia. His lungs were filled with fluid, his heart was having trouble working, his oxygen levels were dangerously low. Immediately he was put on high dose antibiotics, oxygen and so on for a full week. After a few days his poor bottom was raw from diarrhea because of the heavy antibiotics. The over the counter desitin and the likes did not even come close to touching what was on his bottom. So the doctor told us how to make Doctor's Butt Balm. It is 1 part each of Desitin, Lubriderm lotion, and mylanta. You mix all 3 equally in a little tupperware until it's the consistency of paint, then you just apply as needed. The desitin protects from the acids in the diarrhea because of the zinc in it, the lubriderm keeps it hydrated so that it doesn't dry and crack the skin and they mylanta sooths the burn from the rash. It worked so well we've used it ever since for nasty medication induced rashes. Also we learned right away that if it's so bad that the DBB doesn't work get some over the counter monistat for yeast infections or Lortimin for athletes foot and try that. Babies can get the yeast infections in diaper rashes and the prescription nystatin is expensive, when Monistat or Lotrimin works just as well.

Our days of diaper rashes are just about over, with Allyson potty training this summer but I know SEVERAL new Moms/soon to be Mom's and will pass that info along.