Saturday, April 11, 2009

On Good Friday...

... Jesus descended to the dead. He is not to be found in the tabernacle of our churches... tonight during the Easter Vigil - He will rise again. Are you ready for Him to reign in your heart?

(Picture credit - Bethany Rose, 10 yrs)



dorry said...

This picture is beyond beauty
Bethany, you did a wonderful job!
I love it and look at it with total awe with the little branches or bushes around the moonlight? or sunlight?
Mystical it is.

mum2twelve said...

This is the full moon taken from our porch by Bethany in early March this year. It is awesome isn't it? She took two or three and it was hard to pick one to put up.

I'll tell her how much you liked it.

dorry said...

I thought it was most likely a full moon picture.
So very special...I'll look at it when the world seems to be bothering me too much and remember the wonderment of God.