Friday, April 17, 2009

Guerilla warfare...

This virus is really having fun playing with us. We started with it early in Holy week with Emma as its first victim and it is still attacking us - guerilla warfare style. It sneaks up on us and takes a lone victim down and then for a day or two - no one else gets sick. Just long enough for us to think we are out of the woods when BANG - another victim is taken down.

In the meantime here is an interesting site that explains the Mass that I have just begun to explore. There is so much symbolism and meaning hidden within the Sacrifice of the Mass that myself - I know have barely begun to scratch the surface of it all. Here is the site if you care to explore it with me. Keep in mind that I have not read it in its entirety and can not state equivocally that there will be nothing objectionable there.


Casey said...

We had that bug go around our house at the end of February. We have fewer people in our house so I'm sure it didn't last nearly as long as it is at your home. If it's the same stomach bug that turns into a nasal thing try taking Ocillococcinum (sp) it's an all natural flu symptom fighter. Little tiny tubes of these pellets with a sugary taste so kids won't fuss too much (they do have a children's version) worked wonders for Jacob when he caught the bug and was achy from being sick. They just came out with Sinusilla or something like that for sinus problems, haven't tried that one yet. You can find it at CVS and Whole Foods, or just about anywhere in the flu meds section. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon.

mum2twelve said...

Hey thanks for the suggestion. I might try that if this keeps dragging on - a few people are kind of 'nasaly'!