Saturday, March 07, 2009

A visitor comes to call

Yesterday I was called down from Mount Laundry by Emma who excitedly explained:

"I was sitting on the door step with Bethany and some girls stopped. They want to talk to YOU Mummy. They are at the door. I think they want directions. "

This statement was punctuated with Emma's excited arms waving about as she pointed here and there emphasizing where everyone was. I made my way to the door still folding a t-shirt.

I opened the door and found three girls on bicycles standing on the edge of our lawn. One of them held out a small puppy and asked:

"Would you like a puppy?"

Before I could firmly say "No - please take it back home.", the oldest one added:

"We found him up the road and we can't take him home 'cause we have two pit bulls."

"Yeah," added the younger girl "and they're gettin' real mean - one bit me yesterday"

The older one who then introduced herself as the mother of the other two stated;

"They sure is and they are only four months old! I wouldn't dare take this little one home to them."

Well - to be honest, I wouldn't have been taking a puppy, let alone my children, home to them either so I took a closer look at the puppy:

No Fleas
Clean Ears
Fat tummy
Willing to allow me to poke and prod...

"Well", I said hesitantly, " I can keep him here over night and then take him to the shelter.

So here he is - our temporary visitor:

This little fellow, who is currently being called Timothy, will be staying until Monday when the Shelter will then be able to take him. They have asked if we will keep him until then as they do not have sufficient staff to care for him - as he is not yet weaned. Oh LORD help us - that is more than enough time to ingratiate himself to us - we CAN NOT make that mistake again!

PS - to Pit Bull owners - I am not against Pit Bulls per say, but to have a member of this breed already showing signs of aggression towards my children is, in my opinion an ominous sign of the future. I was also attacked by a pit bull and badly bitten, at the age of five, so I have personal experience of how aggressive this breed can be if not properly raised and trained.



Diane said...

Oh how cute !
I notice that you mention that he is not yet weaned. What worked for our puppies when their Mom was trying to wean them was very runny baby rice cereal mixed with two parts water and one part milk ( I used 2%)on a paper plate ( they were not able to get their heads into a bowl and eat properly) I had four little darlings so I mixed up a whole plate of this three times a day. Since I had five week old cocker spaniels and this puppy looks quite a bit bigger,so the amount needed may vary. Also if plans change and you need to transition into puppy food ( I know I know :-) You can start transitioning by adding a small amount of dry food (also soaked in the milk/ water mixture until soggy( usually five minutes or so))into the rice cereal mixture. Every day you can add more puppy food and less rice cereal until you just have soggy puppy food, then you can start eliminating the milk and then the water. Have fun !

Kathyb1960 said...

Ohhhh he's soooo cute! Look at those eyes! LOL

No, I don't want a dog either! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh wow- he is cute! Good luck parting with him! May St Francis' prayers be with you, and even more maybe with your erstwhile pit bull owners.....:oO- scary situation there!

CP said...

Oh I wish I were closer I'd take him in a heartbeat, so sweet! Oh keep him. I know I'm as bad as the kids are when it comes to animals, I feel responsible for every stray and every lost animal I hear about but he's just too precious. He looks like begal or maybe border collie, those are super smart and easily trained. Let me know how it goes.