Thursday, March 12, 2009

Please pray for this little baby...

I have been following her story for some months now and more than once thought she was not going to make it! I will be adding her button on the side so you can peek in on her recovery now and then as well.


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CP said...

One of my Mom's best friends MerriAnn had a premie. Emily Rose weighed 1lb 5oz at birth and is now happy and perfectly healthy, despite the terrible odds she faced at birth. All of the specialists said she'd be mentally retarded at best and on machines at worst. She's in honors classes and has never so much as been developmentally delayed by a day. She was born almost 17 years ago when the technology to help premies was not nearly as good as now and she is a true miracle. I will be keeping Kaleigh in our prayers and pray she beats all the odds just as Emily Rose has.