Thursday, March 05, 2009

If you are 12 and a boy...

... what is the most logical thing to do if you find a few rolls of plaster cast material? Why you immediately create a fake cast so you can try to fool your piano teacher into thinking you cannot play in the recital this spring.

After you get home from your cool joke - too late you learn that doctors apply a cotton wrap over the skin before applying the plaster. A very painful twenty minutes later you are not only sans the fake cast but also rid of most of the hair on your arm.

Lesson learned - don't try to trick your piano teacher with a fake cast!



Diane said...

Ouch !!!
Oh how boys in this age group make life interesting :-)

Anonymous said...

yikes! that hurts to read about it! but what a GREAT story! :O) I won't share it with my 12 year old, who might want to try it too!
hope all is well; call when you're visiting raleigh! blessings,ann

mum2twelve said...

Are you sure Ann? I could leave some of the cast material with M the next time I pass though Raleigh - just make sure he wraps it with cotton first and does not make it too tight and he is all set to fool any one he wants! I forgot to mention the original reason he wanted the cast off was it was so tight his upper arm was turning purple so getting it off quickly was very important.

He has a t-shirt that says "It seemed like a good idea at the time" and when he got it asked why he is always getting shirts like that.... NOW he knows!

Great to hear from you Ann