Monday, March 16, 2009

And heeeeres...

... the newest member of our family.


This "wee" baby was carefully selected this weekend after much prayer. The really incredible thing is that our second oldest daughter delivered this puppy along with the rest of his litter and our fourth daughter, Anna, was also present at the birth.

We have been wanting a puppy for a while and we have been waiting for the right moment. While he is a young puppy he is WEANED! His first night here was pretty peaceful. He woke up a few times and was taken to the potty and settled down again. Please God he will do as well tonight.

We feel with our evening classes coming up - we need a dog in the house with our teenagers when they start to baby sit a couple nights a week. Look forward to many updates as this little fellow adjusts to life with a large family!



Diane said...

Congratulations ! He is a beautiful pup. He looks like a pretty big boy. What breed is he?

Diane said...

Are those cocker spaniel eyes and ears ? Looks like he has a lot of Cocker traits but the color and size are throwing me off.

SQUELLY said...

He is beautiful! I hope you all enjoy him. Kids and pups always seem perfect together. When my dog was a pup we lived in a boarding school and it drove me crazy but she is still the happiest dog alive because she spent those early days surrounded by children. Ah - I wish she was still cute and fluffy

M. Alexander said...

My Mom's dog just delivered Old English/Newfoundland puppies!

I'm curious to know the breed on this little guy too? WE have a St. Bernard and Bernese Mtn dog. We got them to sleep in our teenage daughters' room so we wouldn't have to worry about them being kidnapped.

mum2twelve said...

OOOOH - what a combo M! Both the puppies and your dog! The mum of ours is and Australian Shepherd/Golden retriever mix. Dad was a blind date so he is a mystery!