Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet 35...

Days that is. Or five weeks.

We were heading out to the play ground and I dressed her in this adorable pink velour snowsuit. - it was our first chance to use this absolutely adorable snow suit that was a gift from Peggy on the occasion of Cecilia's welcome party, which we had while her oldest sister was here from Ireland.



Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous baby!

dorry said...

Oh Christi!

She is so precious !

Beth said...

I love her!!! Hey we will definitely be back to Durham - maybe we could meet halfway while we're down there again!! One of the friends we visited there is an OB/Gyn, and we were joking that I need to come and give birth in their tub to save money - hey if you were my doula too we'd be all set!! :) haha!

I will definitely need help on the cake!