Monday, February 23, 2009

Pay Back!

How many of us have heard this question and winced: "You mean you had (fill in the blank) when YOU were a kid? Wow - I had no idea (fill in the blank) was so old!" or the other version "Did you have TV/ PHONES/ DVDs when you were a kid?" I still remember when my children found a rotary dial phone amongst a lot of surplus equipment and brought it to me to ask how to use it. (To read original post click here)

Well, last Friday was pay back time! My current teens were listening to Weird Al and enjoying one of his newest songs - Moo Moo Moo - who let the cows out? and I commented to them; "You know when Aimee, Jenny, Jonathan and Miguel were teenagers, they used to listen to Weird All too."

Noah (13) gasped; "You mean HE is that old?"

Yes - you better believe I called as many of the four oldest as I could and enjoyed the gasps and peals of laughter that rolled through the phone!



Jo Flemings said...

I remember vividly my now almost 21 yr old son having us rolling with his rendition of Wierd Al's spoof on Nirvana- "a garage band from Seattle, but it sure beats raisin' cattle, Yada yada yada"- etc. The currently almost 16 yr old loves the one about "white and nerdy" which is a hoot next to clips of the new reality show, From Gs to Gents- some recovered gangstas who try to become worthy of a private gentlemen's club membership.
How the world turns...!!!?!

My kids found some lp records one day in their dad's stuff stored somewhere and came and asked me about these "big CDs". That was the first time I felt old!

Diane said...

I got the same reaction when Bruce Springsteen did the half time show at the Super Bowl this year. I commented something about liking a song that he did to which one of my loving children replied" Wow he's that old ! Guess that explains why he sounds out of breath when he sings"

quiad-fontes said...

um... "moo moo moo" isn't actually a Weird Al song. But the principle still remains... he's gotta have the most cross-generational audience in music.