Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Bakers doz is leading...

... as the possible name change for my blog and my 79 % of my readers have declared that I need to change my blog's name.

If you haven't voted yet - do so soon, as I will be making my decision in the next few days and taking tentative steps towards a name change. Has anyone else done that without accidentally deleting their blog???



Soutenus said...

I have changed the name of a blog. Not the URL, of course, but just the TITLE of the blog. It is easy on blogspot. :-)
The editing area also prompts you to download a copy of your blog onto your hard drive in case of accidental deletion.
I like "My Bakers Dozen (or Doz)"!

Beth said...

I changed the name of our blog but not the URL. I was too nervous to do that!!!

M. Alexander said...