Monday, January 26, 2009

Welcome Cecilia Therese to the Catholic Church

Changing into her baptismal gown

Ready to be baptized in the gown her oldest sister sent to the family.

Godparents, Cecilia and parents are gathered about the baptismal font with her 2 brothers acting as servers to Father John

Receiving the holy oil on her chest

Blessing the water in the font.

Receiving the Holy water of Baptism

Being blessed with the Chrism Oil - such a beautiful aroma.

Receiving the symbolic light of Christ

Welcome Cecilia Therese into the original church of Christ.


Diane said...

How beautiful !
Thanks for sharing !

CP said...

How wonderful! Congratulations Cecilia!

dorry said...

Little Miss Cecilia Therese!!
She is so beautiful!

You look great Christi!

I know you weren't feeling well but it doesn't show!
Thanks for showing us the lovely pictures.

Beth said...

Oh what a beautiful day and a beautiful baby! Congratulations again!

PS. I don't think I washed M's head for a week after the chrism :)

Bethany said...

She is so cute! She used my blanket just like her niece did! So now it is all of ours.
Big sis