Friday, January 30, 2009

shower pictures may have to wait...

... as it appears that little Cecilia, barely one month old, may be getting a cold. She is stuffy, gagging on mucus and having a rough time. I am cool misting her which is giving her some comfort. Could someone cool mist my brain please? I am feeling frantic and extremely challenged emotionally. Cecilia and I just barely recover from one illness when we are confronted with another - since the day of her birth.

There is a lovely thought I would like to share with you from Elizabeth Foss. She has put into words the thoughts I have been struggling to form since Cecilia's birth as I struggle to balance the joy and wonder of the addition of a new, tiny, fragile member to our family with the responsibilities that come with being a homeschooling mum to a baker's dozen. Click here to read her thoughts as she struggles to do the same.

A quote from Sister Patricia's Joynotes: "The more I get a little older myself.. I see that with age comes the cross and holiness.... somehow I always had a sort of feeling that holiness was in doing and accomplishing.. but now I believe it is more in accepting and trusting."

I will finish with a little begging - for prayers. Prayers for health for our whole family and prayers for the graces I am in desperate need of to cope with all of this illness!


Good Remedy said...

Oh boy, I am with you on this. What a struggle to accept our current lot, but to do even more than just accept somehow look for the JOY. I have been praying for more joy in our homeschool, and will include your school too! Even in the midst of the chaos. God Bless!
.ps the other thing I have been thinking is "at least I still have Hope, that's something." Don't give up Hope!

Cath said...

I am praying for you and Cecelia.

Diane said...

Oh no she can't be sick when her oldest sister comes in to soiil her !
We will add her to the prayer list !