Monday, January 05, 2009

Prayer Request

I have had a few complications set in following the birth. I finally saw a Dr today. I have been given some prescriptions, but if I do not respond soon to the treatments - I will need surgery.

That is always a bad news scenario - but it is much worse when you do not have insurance. Please pray that I respond to the treatments.

Cecilia is a wonderful blessing whom we are all enjoying. Her coos which she has been making since a few minutes after birth are too adorable for words! She seems to be as musical as her name sake!

However, I am just beginning to be able to enjoy her more the past 24 hours, as I was too exhausted and in too much pain from the complications I am experiencing to do more than nurse her and hold her at night when she was too agitated to sleep the first three nights. Now she is developing more normal patterns of eating and sleeping. It is understandable the difficulties she had in adjusting to life outside the womb. Such a shock to the system - no? Add to that a 36 hour labour... and you have a pretty tired baby!

Thank you in advance for your prayers and God Bless you all! Posting might be sporatic - depending on my pain and energy levels.

Christi aka mum2abakersdozen



Joannof10 said...

I will be keeping you in my prayers. I have had many complications after several of my children's births and I know how hard it is to want to just get back to normal and not being able too. God Bless You and your new precious gift from God.

CP said...

I will definitely be keeping you and your health in my prayers. Try to rest and enjoy that precious daughter as much as you can. Cecilia is beautiful and needs you healthy and whole.