Friday, December 19, 2008

No - no new baby yet...

... just lots of contractions complicated with a couple of gall bladder attacks. Yippe - so much fun! I certainly can not complain that God is not loving me with lots to offer up this Advent!

Confession time - our Jesse Tree is a dismal failure! Between a four day Mission that we attended at night and colds and contractions and ... you get the idea. At least I got all of the posts up and can just follow them again next year. I am planning on creating permanent ornaments and focusing on the readings next year with each child taking a turn according to age to place an ornament.

We are betting on the Holy Innocents as her birthday - anyone care to place some bets - Due dates range from Dec 27 to Jan 04!

Love and blessings to all my dear readers. I promised someone will post as as possible after baby to be arrives, with her stats etc. Even a picture or two if possible.



Jennie C. said...

I bet that little baby arrives inconveniently on Christmas Day. That is SO like a baby. :-)

Beth said...

December 23 8lbs 10oz 3:02pm

CP said...

Wow Beth was very specific!
Don't feel bad about the Jesse Tree, with all our kids being sick and Adam working late nights we've not kept up well either, although I do plan on doing a very fast "quick" version of events as well toss on those ornaments leading up to Christmas. It was just too much with the smaller ones to go through an entire reading or two and have them understand it, I think we'll go over the stories and save the scripture for next year.

Good luck and for my guess...

I'm guessing the 26th, at about noon-ish. I don't know how big your other babies were but seeing as how you're getting close to the date and a no show maybe 8 pounds give or take an ounce. If you make it past then, definitely a New Years Day baby, later in the afternoon. Yeah...put me down for those.