Friday, December 12, 2008

Following our Advent progress...

I promised a few pictures of our progress through Advent. I will be honest, we have not done as well as I had hoped. Often by evening - I have been too tired to do the Jesse Tree every night - so we have sometimes been doing double symbols! I have been very focused on getting ready for the baby. I think I am ready... until I remember one more thing that needs to bought, washed or brought out of storage. Umm like the swing.... ARGH!

Anyway - I am posting a picture with this post so that you can see how the chains are shortening and also enjoy a vision in pink in front of a pair of the chains. It is Elsa all dressed up and waiting to leave for our parish Christmas party last weekend. So the chains are even shorter now!



Diane said...

How beautiful Elsa is !
I am glad to hear that you are almost ready for the new baby because tomorrow is St. Lucia day, what a perfect day to give birth !I'll be waiting to hear :-)

CP said...

She is just precious!

The kids have been sick, one after the other of course, so we've had to do a few double symbol nights as well. No judgment coming from this end. :) I can't imagine trying to get everything done with more than the 3 children I already have, let alone just 2 weeks before a due date. You are so blessed it's not even funny. Plus definitely and inspiration.

Your daughter is adorable, I love the dress and little muff.