Friday, November 28, 2008

Thank you notes...

I am at the beginning of a search for the perfect set of thank you notes to send out to the various people who have surprised with us with lovely gifts for the baby, and my search brought me to this little article on do's and don'ts of thank you notes. In this article the reader is asking about a wedding shower, but it was the last line of the answer that had me chuckling. CLICK here, if you would like to enjoy a light smile as well.


Diane said...

Though my family has been doing the self address an envelope thing for over twenty years, I have never been asked to add a stamp.
I personally see no real problem with this except that when my bother's fiance did it for my wedding shower, almost twenty years ago,I never thought to copy the addresses in an address book ( back then we didn't even dream of owning a computer) so I was out of luck after the Thank you's were mailed and I was asked for addresses for a baby shower less than a year later. After scrambling to get them the second time I asked those giving the baby shower to simply get a cheap address book instead of thank you's and envelopes. I of course since have transferred these to a data base and have always have addresses when I need them.

Soutenus said...

Where have I been? What a grand idea! I always get a kick out of receiving a letter addressed in my handwriting! It always throws me for a second. I am thinking dental and eye doctor appointment reminders here.

Maybe we could get even more efficient and have guests just enter their address directly onto the computer spreadsheet -- naaahhhh - that is a little much!