Tuesday, November 04, 2008

She had a motive for being so persistent.

The other day - I had my weekly chiropractic appointment. Hugo and I were ready to leave for it when Elsa appeared with pleading eyes and a determined twist to her mouth. She wanted to go with us. "Pleeeease!" she begged. "I want to tum with you!"

Hugo was willing to sit with her in the van as she was in no way dressed for public viewing. Not only did a single colour adorning her not match - it was evident she had been wearing this outfit all day and through several meals and snacks. So Hugo strapped her into her car seat and we just made it in time for my appointment. Typically I am in and out of their in less than fifteen minutes. Murphy's law though came into play and I waited at least a good twenty to twenty-five minutes before even being treated.

As I checked out, I remembered that I did not have my wallet so I stepped out to the van to borrow Hugo's bank card. The van was gone. I was able to reach him on the cell phone. Apparently he had taken my admonition that Elsa was under no circumstances to step foot in public, dressed as she was, and Elsa had needed the bathroom so he would be back momentarily.

As I saw our van pull into the vacant spot just in front of the office, I stepped out to grab the card from Hugo. I was astonished to see Elsa strapped back in her car seat even knowing tat she was not going to be allowed out of the van either! Hugo explained she had been especially determined to come back with him.

Well, apparently my astonishment was no less than Elsa's when she saw me. "But where is duh baby?" she asked with great disappointment. It seems she equated my seeing the doctor with the baby being born. No wonder she had been so extra determined to come back. I guess she wanted to be the first to see the new baby.


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