Sunday, November 09, 2008


My husband brought home the scanner from the office - where it had been installed for my use. As I am not longer the official secretary of Surplus Equipment Solutions - I have barely darkened the hallways of the warehouse for months! I am sure the warehouse has missed me more than I have missed it!

But now I can begin to share old photos and new drawings of and by those whom I love! What fun we will have with this aspect being added to the blog again. I have many children who love to draw and they all have a witty sense of humour which you can now enjoy once more.

In celebration of this new addition to my computer corner in the living room - I have added --- to todays postings.



mum2twelve said...

OOOPS! I forgot to add something. I am going to totally blame it on three things:
1) I am pregnant
2) I am pregnant and trying to get everything ready for Christmas BEFORE thanks giving.
3) I am pregnant and my back really did not like this fact this weekend while I rushed around trying to accomplish all of my goals.

But I accomplished all those weekend goals and now will have to teach school to the little ones from my bed for today! Then I will be ready to set another slew of goals!

jamie said...

Hello mum2twelve! I just found your blog by way of the faith and family website. Hope you won't mind if I check in from time to time. Always looking for support/tips on daily life with a large family. We have 10 (for now), and wouldn't trade this crazy chaos for the world! God Bless you!

mum2twelve said...

Welcome Jamie with the Perfect 10! The problem with cool names like that is as soon as we add to the number - the names needs updating - hence I will soon be (God Wiling) A Baker's Dozen!

jamie said...

I don't have any news I'm allowed to tell just yet, (wink, wink) but a name change just might be on our horizon as well. (so much for being clever.)