Thursday, November 06, 2008

Prayer request!

This little monkey! What a naughty, naughty baby she is! Two weeks ago - she was not only in a transverse position but she was also posterior. No wonder my back was aching so much, even with the chiropractic visits. A couple of days of the exercises my practitioner suggested and she flipped. She became horizontal and it seemed even vertex - or head down. She also turned towards my back and oh -I had a lovely two weeks with all of that pressure gone from her pressing against my back with every little twist and turn she made. I celebrated by making bread every two or three days!

But gradually I noticed the location of her hiccups were moving... upwards. Towards my belly button. I tried really hard to ignore this reality, but have finally had to face the truth - she is now breech - or head up...

While transverse babies cannot be delivered naturally, just ask Elsa my 12th baby and first c-section, breech babies can. However - that does not mean I want to deliver a baby in the breech position. I mean - let's not even go there and just say we did! Labour is painful enough!

So, as I begin my excercies again and patiently await better behaviour from this baby, I humbly ask for your prayers that this little one slips back HEAD DOWN and STAYS down until she is delivered.


Soutenus said...

Prayed for you and will continue to!

I have been outta the loop for so long that I didn't know you were pregnant.
Congratulations! Blessings! and Joy!

Christ's peace,

Lerin said...

You are amazing... mom to 12? Bless your heart, and prayers for a non-breech, easy delivery. :)

Beth said...

Wow. Well is there anything you (or your chiropractor) can do to turn her the right way?