Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Momentous Events

We all experience momentous events in our lives. The meeting of one's eternal partner in life, the birth of a child, or the passing on of a loved one are some of the more significant ones.

But then there is the day a child moves out of the nest and on with their adult life. This day is no less significant than the day they were born as it is in a sense another birthday - cutting of the umbilical cord and many times - more painful than that day of physical birth. For the parent that is.

You want nothing more for your child to grow, learn and gain in life experience but when a child is ready to move on - it is one of those momentous events indeed. And it is no less so for the younger siblings as they watch the older brother or sister pack their belongings and discuss such things as their rental deposit - the turning on of utilities and such.

Six year old Emma, typical of all small children, has large ears and was taking in all the details. As she determined that Miguel, her twenty one year old brother, was needing to budget carefully so as to be able to make his deposit in time to be able to move into his new home on the 18th of this month - she rushed upstairs and came back to me clutching her birthday envelope.

"Mummy, I want to give my six dollars to Miguel so he can move out."

It was not that she was anxious for her sibling to leave, but simply the complete generosity of her young heart - ready to give all her birthday money to her brother - if that would help him.

And this too was a momentous moment - a moment of complete filial love from one child for another. An act of the typical generosity often experienced in families where God is first in the heart of the family.

Miguel was greatly moved and his cheeks flushed as he thanked his little sister for the sacrifice that she so willingly want to make on his behalf. He convinced her to keep this money, but I will help her to use some of it to buy him a house warming gift as I know that this act will give her great joy; and I do not wish to deny her the gift of giving.


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Kristen said...

What a sweet little girl! And best of luck with helping Miguel move out! The new baby girl, of course, won't fill her big brother's place in the house but I know come January even a small amount of extra space will be appreciated! Much Love,