Monday, November 03, 2008

Family stickers....

I came across a blog with a cool family sticker at the bottom of their blog and started to play around with one of my own... Now this was a large family - they are expecting their eighth. So it never dawned on me that maybe my family would be TOO big to include everyone.

But it is! So I played a little more with it and then had a brilliant idea - I know I will make TWO stickers. One for the family still at home and one for the children that live away from home. That was working - until I posted it straight to blogger.... only to discover it would not fit on the side bar... And now the HTML was gone - forever. I would have to rebuild my family.

Well - I would just have to do it another day as my yeast was proofed by then and I neede to start adding flour to it.

But if you want to see if you have better luck than me just click here. Check back later - maybe I will have had some more spare time to play and will have a little family sticker down at the bottom of my blog - its the only area it is likely to fit!

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Diane said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing !
If it is any consolation, I did my family and it was too big to post direct from site to my blog too ! (of course adding the dogs was probably the reason)
Because I fell in love with the picture I did here ( it has a halo so I could add Caitlyn , our little angel in heaven. ) I played around and was able to make one , save it to my computer and then post the whole thing. It is a little tough to see everyone on the sidebar, but it looks pretty good as a post.