Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas is coming...

... and is clearly on Elsa's mind as evidenced by the following conversation between Elsa (3) and her older sister Bethany who is 10.

Elsa: Is Christmas everyone's birthday?

Bethany: No - it is just Jesus' birthday.

Elsa - sounding and looking rather distressed "Oh no - does that mean only He gets all the presents?"


CP said...

My oldest wanted to know why, if they were kings, did the wise men take Frank's cents to give to Jesus. Didn't they have their own money.

Lorcan said...

I always wondered the holy family would want to sleep in heavenly peas! Well, if we give the gift of faith, we all DO get presents! And, of course, we all DO get presents also!

... I think I told thee a while ago, my childhood prayers... pity mice and plicity, and I wondered why we pity mice, and what is plicity (pity my simplicity - comfort me to come to thee... )

I did grow up to pity mice... I saved one from the garbage can the other day, built him (or her) a ladder to climb out of the can. The wee mousie paused at the top of the ladder, before going down the other side, and looked up at me, with what I really think was thanks... and went on his or her way...

Oh to be pitied for simplicity again!!!

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, and a blessed countdown to Christmas.

Wishing thee pleny in the new year, and plicity what ever that might be.

Thine, ever dearly in the light