Thursday, October 09, 2008

what bread recipe...

... did I use over the weekend when I made all that bread that disappeared all too quickly, a reader wants to know.

Well - here it is! And here is what I am pining for so that I can more easily make bread on a regular basis.



Diane said...

Thank you !
I seen the "linked to" post when it was originally posted and thought that I should try this recipe ( I like to make big batches and "share " the excess) but forgot about it. The recipe link came at the perfect time too. I just attended a planning meeting for our Parish's Married Couples night out group's " Give Thanks and Merry Christmas too dinner that will be held in November. Since Hubby and I are responsible for table decorations we were not assigned a food item to bring . Of course we have to make something and nobody was assigned home made bread.... sooooooo I think that just maybe a batch or two with a couple pounds of butter might be a good contribution for us.
By The way, About how many loaves does each batch make ? We usually have thirty to forty couples attend this particular groups meeting.

Diane said...

I just reread the original post where my How many loaves? question was answered. I typed without thinking. :-(
Even at four loaves, two batches should be enough for about eighty people, I would think .