Monday, October 27, 2008

A Party....

Here are some of the guests who attended out party this past weekend. We had a few faeries, a fat man who could not easily reach the sweets which he conveniently sat right next to, an Australian cowboy and a doctor. In between stuffing ourselves with sweets and visiting with adult siblings we also watched a movie. The Ghost of Black Beard. My favourite part was when the heroes were shotting the villains with their fingers with the most amusing results. I won't give all of it away though, so if you want to know what happened you will just have to rent it for yourself. Nathaniel could not decide what he wanted to dress up and eventually decided just to be a guest sans costume and enjoyed himself just as much as everyone else!

Dr. Bethany making a house call.

I hear you're havin' gator problems Matie!

A fairy, close at hand, to reach for the sweets for the fat man who could barely move!

The fairy of lavender

The fairy of roses

The treats table with its various selections. The decorated sugar and molasses cookies were on the dining room table. Despite a novice baker forgetting the eggs in the molasses cookies, they turned out quite well. So if you are ever in the mood for these cookies but are out of eggs - don't be afraid to bake some. They are just a little more crunchy, is all!


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