Saturday, November 11, 2006


There has not been as much posting as I would have liked the past week, but there is a good reason for it. One, my wrist and lower arm has had the opportunity to rest but even more importantly we have been working, as a family, to prepare a number of reviews that will be posted soon on my Book and Movie Review blog.

The Christmas Season is almost upon us and it is not easy coming up with lists and lists of potential movies (cough cough) as well as locating them so we can watch them as well as share where you can find them. But some one must do this task. We have accomplished a most interesting list of movies and we are planning on mixing the interest levels up, so that we have a nice combination posted in quick order. Our hope is that during a one week period, one could have a choice of a children's christmas movie, a grown up movie and/or a family movie to chose from.

For the month of November we will be focusing on movies, but normally we will have a mix of movies and books.

But while you wait with bated breath for this momentous moment when we will begin to post these fabulous reviews.... heeeeeres where you can find some wonderful thoughts, inpirational quotes and some plain old funny facts. They have been pulled togethere by my daughter Anna on her blog Beans are Gross and other Interesting Thoughts.

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