Saturday, November 18, 2006

My life would be perfect...
if only I had the gift to see it as so.
God, give me the graces to
see my life with your eyes

Let me focus on the beauty
innocence of my children’s faith
Help me to see the wealth
bestowed on us
in ways we cannot see.

But most especially Dear God,
help us to feel
your loving presence.


Lorcan said...

Dear friend:
This is such an important prayer. I believe before we can really forgive others, we need to forgive ourselves. If God meant us to not labor with our humanity, He would have let us be, forever in Eden. Frankly, I think Eden's not really much fun, not a real challenge. God intended the rough edges, and I can laugh at this, after a week of loosing $2,000 of camera equiptment I had not paid for as yet, and setting myself deeper in debt, and in doing so, learning the value of buying good quality used lenses... so though I am another $1,000 in the red, I leaned a great deal from being so stupid as to leave a camera bag in a cab... so, well... time to light a candle rather than curse the dark ( or who ever did not return my camera bag!!! )
Dearest blessings,

Dory said...

I'm sooo sorry about your camera Lor!!

AMEN! to this prayer,for all of us who struggle with life.