Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It was quiet this afternoon...

... while I was working this afternoon researching for a new course we are putting together. History through the Arts. The girls and I are quite excited about this project and have already learned a lot of facts about different authors of the Classics that we did not know. For instance, did you know that Louisa May Alcotts early death was the result of poor health brought on by mercury poisoning? This was caused by the, then popular, method of treatment for typhoid fever; which she caught while working as a nurse during the civil war. She was only 56 and died 2 days after her father, leaving behind her young niece whom she had been raising. I have yet to discover what came of Lulu, her name sake.

While I searched the internet and scribbled down these very interesting facts, I did wonder what had become of my two boys, Teddy and Noah. I discovered later in the afternoon when Anna asked me to explore the house she had built out of mud in the back yard just what they had been about.

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